Visual Developer

In depth written Documentation

  • Developer Panel

    Everything available in the developer panel of the element customization is covered in this guide, you can use this information to learn how to use these options and an example of what you can do with the specific CSS Rule.
  • Element Navigation

    How Element Navigation works and how you select the CSS rule you're going to use to customize the element of your desire, choosing the right Element Panel can customize more elements or just the current element, you should study all these options in order to get the most out of it.
  • General Features

    This section covers the general available functionality and options you can make use of while using Visual Developer, if you want to know every option available you should study this section.
  • Preferences Panel

    Learn all about the preferences panel, which offers options such as setting some automatic features, importing and exporting options or the stylesheet to displaying only certain CSS rules and disabling certain CSS selectors.
  • Quicky - Fast CSS Changes

    This is an documentation about the Quicky Feature in the element customization, which helps you edit an element faster just using your mouse.