Import & Export Settings & CSS Modifications

The Preferences Panel can be accessed very easily.

  1. Make sure Visual Developer is active ( it’s toggled )
  2. Click Preferences on the top-left corner in the Visual Developer Panel

JSON Export

Export every from Visual Developer with just one click, this is an useful feature if you want to migrate content from an website to another, usually useful if they look the same and you want to import it.
Or an useful feature if you’re working under custom settings and you want to have everything ready faster and easier.

JSON Import

Pretty self-explainatory, just import the export you’ve previously created.

CSS Export

This is an awesome feature if you want to disable & remove Visual Developer after you’ve modified a theme, it will export all the images you’ve used within Visual Developer and the images will be self-hosted, it will also export all the images used by Quicky if there are any.